March 27, 2013

Introducing: Caiden!

Hello! My name is Caiden and I am working on the Communication Unit of the peer mentorship program for ITL. The main goal in the Unit is to help in creating more effective speakers and active listeners. The Communication Unit involves topics such as different approaches to effectively communicate, self-expression, and coming out. I am originally from Pittsburgh and am currently enrolled at Chatham University. Where I am finishing my junior year studying political science and psychology. When I am not busy being in school, I enjoy traveling in between breaks. Whether if it is just a weekend away to a different state or a month away abroad I find it all to be exciting. For this project I am most excited about seeing how this project can impact trans* youth. I believe the trans* community is one of the most loving, accepting, and supportive communities and has given me so much in finding who I really am. I am just excited to give back.

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